SLÄP! sticker van is an international sticker exhibition on wheels that has been rolling around as part of Stencibility since 2018.

The idea of SLÄP! grew out of love for the smallest form of street art - the sticker. SLÄP! is celebrating the sticker culture and showing its variety and worth as an art form. Throughout three years we’ve been collaborating with over 300 artists from 35 countries who have sent us over 19 000 stickers making it the biggest sticker exhibition in Europe on 2019.

But we are not stopping here! On 2024 we are covering a whole city bus with stickers and it will continue driving its route until the end of the year. For this madness, we need a lot moooooooooore stickers :) If you want to be part of it, just send us your stickers already now. You can ask for the postal address from Släp!'s Instagram