"hunting season"

With buying this silkscreen print, you support the exhibition "Hello Mister Police Officer" taking place in Berlin 04.-25.06.2022.

Technique: silkscreen print, hand-made
Measurements: 30x40cm
Paper: 960 g/m² (thicker kind, doesn't crinkle)
Edition: /30

Price: 100€

GUTFACE is a lowbrow artist whose roots are deep in the soil of East Estonia. You may find him rolling away under a bridge in Tartu, working on plywood cut-outs in his studio in Tartu or behind the wheel of a car that’s always packed with paint, on his way to another wall. His natural curiosity is mixed with personal reflections that manifest in luscious forms and colours with a strong kick.

GUTFACE started his conquest of Tartu by doing paste-ups and rooftops, but soon found his way to rollers and big-scale works as well as sculpture. In addition to working in public space, he often switches between digital mediums such as video, music and graphic design.
Lisa ostukorvi