Stina leek

With buying this silk screen print, you support the exhibition "Hello Mister Police Officer" taking place in Berlin 04.-25.06.2022.

Technique: silkscreen print, hand-made
Measurements: 30x40cm
Paper: 960 g/m² (thicker kind, doesn't crinkle)
Edition: /30

hind: 100€

Stina Leek is a young and furious freelance artist, founding member of the art collective Ajuokse (‘Brain Vomit’) and the organiser of underground art gatherings. Her work is recogniseable by its thick and wonky graphic line and bountiful eyeballs. If she had to categorise her work stylistically, she’d go with lowbrow art.

For her, street art is communication without direct contact and exposing face, every introvert’s dream. It’s communication with other street artists, the surrounding space and the people moving through that space. Stina stresses that both the visual elements she creates and the location picked for the piece have a meaning – sometimes you need to delve deeper, think along and maybe even seek them out.

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